Remember: This week’s class is online. Please complete the following by the noted due dates to complete this online class.

This video gives the same instructions that you can read below, but if you are an auditory learner it might help you with this online class.

Research Appointment
Don’t forget to come to your research appointment this week. The research appointments are held in my office, LI 2141, which is on the first floor of the library. It is worth 10 points of your final grade and I will approve your research topic at your appointment. We’ll also probably find some good sources for you to start working on your project.


Due by 5:00 pm on January 28. Complete this quiz: quiz2 and email me your completed quiz as an attachment. (Name your quiz file lastname-quiz2; example: Wakimoto-quiz2.doc) I will return your graded quiz in class next week. Do not work with each other. This is just like a quiz in class and I expect you to do your own work.

Assignments: Due January 28 at 5:00 pm.

1. Response to the Is Google Knowledge? video. Please write 1 page (double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman) explaining whether or not you agree with the assertion that Google is knowledge and why. Try to be as convincing as possible in your argument; you may even want to find and cite some outside sources that strengthen your point. Submit as a .doc or .rtf document as an email attachment. Please name the file lastname_google (ex. wakimoto_google). (4 points)

2. Read this article and then complete this access assignment. Remember to save your assignment as lastname_access (ex. wakimoto_access) and submit it as an email attachment. (6 points)

Attendance Points: Due January 28 at 5:00 pm. In order to get your attendance and participation points for the week, you need to write a comment on this post explaining whether or not you agree with the following quote by Francis Bacon and how the quote relates to the topics in this week’s online class:

Knowledge is power itself.


Weekly reflection 3 due January 28 at noon

You will need to bring one source that you are thinking about using to class on January 31st. We will be using it for an assignment. 

Videos to watch before class on January 31:

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