Week 4 (April 23)

Class Topics
This week we will be working with databases to find more resources for your research paper. We will also be discussing peer review and how it relates to the resources you are finding for your research. Come to class ready to search!


1. Weekly Reflection due April 27 at noon.

2. Read APA guidelines to prepare for next week’s class: APA Citation Guidelines (PDF) and Sample APA Paper Format (PDF)

3. Review the guide on how to identify online sources: http://csueastbay.libguides.com/id-online-sources

4. Tutorial to watch before next class:
Citation Puzzle (we will be focusing on APA citation in class) (12 minutes)

5.Evaluation Assignment (.doc) due at start of class next week (April 30).

6. Finish in-class article evaluation assignment (.doc) if you didn’t have time to turn it in during class. Due at start of class next week (April 30). Remember that you can use this assignment as the starting point for one of your source evaluations for the Evaluation Homework Assignment.


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